The American Institute for Professional Training and Development has over three decades of leadership in designing, developing and conducting professional and executive education programs. Our program participants have included working professionals, supervisors, managers and executives from both public and private organizations.

Using the essentials of instructional system design and the latest thinking in adult learning theory, the institute is continually developing practical certification programs, executive development courses, and advanced educational materials. Our programs offer a unique blend of academic principles and practical expertise. Program content includes the latest in academic theories, research findings and state of the art practices in the relevant field. Program participants are offered an opportunity to learn new concepts and develop advanced skills. Courses use teaching approaches that capitalize on participant’s experience and expertise. This is accomplished in a manner that is memorable, enjoyable, practical and directly relevant to the challenges of today's workplace.

Our programs provide working professionals with a useful and productive learning experience. The education is intended to benefit both employees and employers. Participants learn practical approaches and strategies that improve performance, increase productivity, enhance strategic thinking, develop communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.

Our course delivery format includes a variety of teaching tools and styles tailored to fit course objectives. In class instruction and on-line courses that include case studies, lectures, assessment tools, quizzes and multimedia presentations. Using state of the art software applications courses provide a powerful and dynamic educational experience. Group exercises and structured activities are utilized to facilitate participant involvement and stimulate interaction. Participants are offered opportunities to analyze facts, define problems, compare alternatives, formulate solutions, make decisions, network and explore new ideas.

This dynamic hands-on approach allows participants to directly observe and learn the impacts of their decisions and actions. Participants are encouraged to share experiences, to challenge and debate others, to explore and provoke new ways of thinking. Debate, discussion and interaction are an integral part of our educational experience. Class size is always strictly limited to maintain the proper balance for interaction and to maximize individual learning benefits.

Course faculty are carefully selected from among the best in the profession. They are not merely selected for their outstanding academic credentials and proven expertise, but also for their ability to share and effectively communicate their knowledge to others. We are continually working with various academic institutions, private consultants and leading researchers to develop state of the art educational programs, a rich and productive learning experience for all of its program participants.