Construction Claims

Strategies for Prevention & Resolution

Improperly handled construction claims can be costly, disruptive and very time consuming. It is important for all parties involved in construction to understand the causes and sources of claims to prevent their occurrence. It is also critical to learn how to address and resolve them. This course offers owners, builders, designers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers with the critical processes and procedures involved in preventing and effectively managing construction claims.

The course emphasis will be on practical alternatives and solutions for claims prevention. It discusses the early actions that can be taken to mitigate damages for all parties, resolve issues and avoid potential costly escalation.

This course examines the common sources of construction claims and ways to avoid them. It discusses the managerial skills, processes and procedures involved in analyzing and evaluating claims and provides construction professionals with an update on recent relevant court cases.

Course Topics Include:

  • Construction law (Tort/Contract/Statutory)
  • Indemnity, bid, payment and performance bonds
  • Builder's risk and liability insurance
  • Architectural and engineering liability
  • Claims against the A/E
  • Claims against the surety
  • Quantum meruit claims
  • Constructive and directed changes
  • Delays, disruptions and acceleration
  • Credits and deductive changes
  • Sub-standard work claims
  • Differing site condition
  • Wrongful termination
  • Proper termination causes and procedures
  • Consequences of poor contract administration
  • Mechanic's lien: scope, notice and procedures
  • Warranties: implied, special and statutory
  • Insurance, bonds and performance guaranties
  • Alternatives for dispute resolution