The leadership factor

Effective leadership is the ability to consistently deliver projects on schedule, within budget; while building and marinating productive working relationships in the process.

Excellence in construction management is the result of a unique combination of personal skills and technical abilities. It requires a coherent understanding of project scope, construction methods, management systems and effective project tracking and reporting procedures.

This course identifies the skills, characteristics and abilities necessary to transform project managers to project leaders. It provides construction mangers with practical guidelines, productive actions, behaviors and methods that are involved in streamlining project processes, building productive project teams and delivering project success.

Course attendees participate in a variety of activities including Project Atlantis, a structured interactive simulation that assesses individual leadership abilities and skills, highlighting potential areas of improvement, offering productive and practical feedback.


Course Topics Include:

  • Evolving definitions of Leadership
  • Assigned versus Emergent leadership
  • Leadership power and coercion
  • Comparison of project management and project leadership
  • Studies of leadership traits and characteristics
  • Style approach vs. situational approach
  • Leader behaviors and actions
  • Transformational & transactional leaders
  • Understanding technical, adaptive & critical challenges
  • Leading in ways that focus on flexibility, collaboration and crossing boundaries
  • Setting Direction, Building Commitment & Creating alignment
  • Leadership and emotional intelligence
  • New skills to use in accomplishing work through peers and subordinates
  • Leveraging technology to enhance project performance and productivity
  • Strategies for improving communication skills
  • Developing personal ability to apply effective influencing tactics