The American Institute For Professional Training and Development provides consulting services to public and private organizations. These services include educational needs analysis, organizational training assessments, custom program design and development, training of in-house trainers and providing comprehensive evaluation of existing training programs and materials.

The focus of our efforts is to offer supervisors, managers and executives with a practical and up to date education that allows them to meet the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace and the complex challenges of a highly competitive future.

Our collaborative effort offers our clients a unique synergy and a wealth of experience and expertise.

We provide:

  • State of the art program design and development.

  • Educational programs that integrate the latest academic research findings with practical professional field expertise.

  • A world class team of talented and distinguished faculty.

  • State of the art educational facilities.

  • College credits and professional certification awards for career advancement.

  • An educational experience that benefits both employers and employees.

Advance your organization with our powerful educational advantage. Contact us at info@aiptd.org.