project leadership

Essentials for Project Success

The success or failure of a project is a function of the leadership and effectiveness of the project’s manager. Project management requires special leadership and communication skills. These skills are different and more advanced than ordinary managerial or supervisory skills.

This course provides participants with an opportunity to assess personal leadership styles, strength and weaknesses. It examines the critical managerial processes and leadership techniques required for maximizing project productivity and performance. It offers participants an opportunity to refine and develop their personal leadership and skills. Participants will engage in several structured activities throughout the course. These activities will provide participants with valuable feedback about their personal leadership style and how it is perceived by others.

The course uses practical real-life examples, analytical exercises using actual project experiences and mini case studies to provide participants with a productive and practical learning experience.


Course Topics Include:

  • What does it take to start a project on track?
  • Developing practical and result oriented plans
  • Defining and scoping projects accurately
  • Leadership theory and practice
  • Understanding the managerial grid
  • Leadership vs. management
  • Selling project visions, goals and strategies
  • Managing project expectations and rewards
  • Project leadership styles & project culture
  • Cultivating personal power and project influence
  • Organizing and scheduling project components
  • Assessing project risks and identifying stakeholders
  • Delay risks and recovery planning
  • Building team spirit and confidence
  • Establishing the project performance matrix
  • Situational leadership and project team motivation
  • Effective handling of project crisis and conflicts
  • Seven essential skills of effective project management
  • Effective communication skills and styles
  • Managing and controlling project changes
  • Tracking and evaluating project performance
  • Critical factors that affect project success
  • Project closeout and lessons learned