improving project performance

Calculating your project's six sigma

In today's highly competitive markets organizations must continually seek ways to improve and enhance their project performance. Organizations that use project management as a way of business must regularly examine their project management processes and systems seeking ways to streamline and enhance them.

This course discusses the analytical tools that are used to measure and evaluate project performance. The course focuses on the skills and tools required for defining , measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling project processes. It discusses the Six Sigma approach for improvement and examines how the it can be applied to various project activities.


Course Topics Include:

  • Project Process Improvement
  • Identifying Critical Project Processes
  • What Ever Happened to TQM?
  • What about Kaizen?
  • The History of Six Sigma
  • Statistical Six Sigma Definition
  • Six Sigma & Project Cost Savings
  • Six Sigma Organizational Structure
  • Black Belts, Green Belts & No Belts
  • Six Sigma Critical Success Factors
  • Analyzing Project Processes
  • Selecting Project Processes for improvement
  • Measuring Project Performance
  • Benchmarking Tools & Techniques
  • Improving Project Processes
  • Evaluating Improvement Methods
  • Tracking and Analyzing Improvements
  • Calculating Project Process Sigma