Advanced Leadership Workshops:
The American Institute for Professional Trading and Development offer the following workshops for senior project managers:

Negotiation Strategies for Senior Executives

High Impact Leadership for Technology Managers


Online Leadership Courses:

Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders Today
Succession planning is now gaining increasing importance for all levels of leadership. Identification of replacements for key positions (usually at the top two or three levels of the organization) requires deliberate preparation and on-going development of identified successors.
Succession planning requires active involvement of current leaders, coaching of potential successors and mentoring of several candidates.

The course examines approaches for early identification and development of high potential candidates. The objective for a successful organization is to have a pool of qualified and ready candidates for important vacancies before they occur. The course discusses the organizational framework, systems, processes, resources and culture required for successful succession. The course presents alternatives for including coaching and mentoring as a regular part of the organization’s daily operations.

The Power of Coaching
Coaching is one of the most powerful skills in any leader’s arsenal. It is an effective way to help managers establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved organizational performance. Coaching benefits both the "coachee" and the coach. Effective leader coaches are instrumental in developing future organizational leadership.

This courses examines the skills and actions required for effective coaching, It discusses both developmental and performance coaching approaches. It provides participants with an opportunity to enhance, develop and improve their coaching skills.
Using a variety of hands on exercises each participant’s coaching skills are carefully assessed and evaluated for instructional feedback.

Leadership in Human Resource Management
Over the past two decades the human resource management has experienced some dramatic changes, these past changes will be dwarfed by the future challenges ahead. This course is designed to prepare human resource leaders for a look ahead. To get them working and strategic for these upcoming challenges in the profession. The course identifies many of the anticipated changes in future employment conditions, recruitment practices, geographic and demographic characteristics of the work force, educational and training requirements, evolving technologies, social and psychological forces that will impact the profession.

It examines how human resource managers must take on greater leadership responsibilities and become more effective in strategic partnering. With a strong focus on building leadership and strategic thinking skills, this course specifically addresses critical future leadership issues facing HR professionals and how leaders in this profession will play a significant role in overall organizational business strategy. Course participants will have an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of leadership behaviors and their impact on others, to develop their ability to influence and work collaboratively with others, to learn about effective approaches for strategic partnering, teamwork and addressing workplace challenges.

Strategic Thinking for Leaders
Organizational leaders require special skills to develop strategies, goals and visions for their organizations. This course focuses on the framework of strategic thinking required for leaders to guide teams and organizations. Course participants will develop their personal strategic leadership effectiveness, they will learn to think strategically, act decisively and stay focused on strategic goals and priorities. Participants will learn approaches for building consensus and influencing others' commitment towards desired goals and objectives.

More importantly they will learn how to measure and evaluate strategic performance and develop contingencies for implementing flexibility into the overall strategy. The course discusses how individual and collective leadership actions promote or hinder the strategic success of organizations. The program also includes a number of structured activities for participants to practice key strategic leadership skills. Using experiential exercises and interactive team-based simulations participants will tackle the challenges that leaders face in effectively making and implementing strategy. All participants will receive valuable feedback and one to one coaching from the course’s instructor.

Effective Leadership Communication: Developing Power & Influence
Every leader understands the importance and value of effective communication. The ability to communicate is at the core of any leader’s success. Leaders must rely on their communication skills to persuade, to influence, to guide and to build productive relationships. This course focuses on the communication styles, vocabulary and delivery techniques that build power and influence. It examines proven techniques that have been used by prominent leaders. It demonstrates how leaders can increase their power and influence through communication.

Course participants will be afforded an opportunity to enhance verbal, written and presentation skills. The course also includes an on-going instructional on-line communication enhancement program for three month after the session. This on-line program continues to provide leaders with additional tips and guidelines to further improve their communication skills and build their influence.