managing multiple projects

A Systems Approach

As a result of rapidly changing technologies, fiercely competitive global markets, limited resources and sluggish economic conditions; more and more project managers find themselves juggling multiple projects at any given point in time. Managing a single project is a complex and challenging task, productively managing multiple projects is reserved for the champions. Effectively managing multiple projects demands a special level of personal discipline, expertise and skill.

This course examines the techniques and systems used by experienced project managers for efficiently and productively overseeing a variety of different projects. It adopts a systems approach to the project management process. Identifying parallel systems and methods for facilitating the project management process.

Participants will learn about various ways to organize work flow, track progress, communicate, delegate and evaluate.


Course Topics Include:

  • Identifying Project Priorities and Goals
  • Developing Project Priorities Matrix
  • Mind Mapping Organizational Techniques
  • Identifying & Managing Valuable Resources
  • Critical Time management & Organization
  • Daily/ Weekly Project Work schedule
  • Identifying Project Time thieves
  • Reducing Waste & Non-Productive Activities
  • Managing Energy Levels per Day
  • Managing Energy Cycle per Week
  • Effectively Using a Daily Planner
  • Essential Elements of Daily Planning
  • Critical Components of an Effective Day Planner
  • Developing a Prioritized Daily Task List
  • Rules for Paper Management & Documentation
  • Handling Phone Calls, Voice Mail & E-mail
  • Managing Project Progress Meetings
  • Dealing with Interruptions and Crisis
  • Effective Ways to Delegate
  • Ways to Avoid Stress & Burnout