"Extensive On Site Program.. "

The institute has an extensive on-site program. We have conducted on-site training sessions for multi-national organizations, small firms, utilities, cities, federal, state and local government agencies. On-site training programs offer flexibility, convenience and cost efficiency. Courses can be custom tailored to address specific organizational goals and educational needs.

"Unique Learning Experience.."

Our on-site courses provide a unique learning experience. Our courses are designed and developed using state of the art adult learning theory and systems. Dynamic professional learning systems has exclusively developed a number of highly interactive educational simulations for the institute. These simulations provide participants with a productive and enjoyable learning format.

"Highly Interactive Simulations.. "

These simulations allow each individual an opportunity to actively participate in making decisions and analyzing their outcomes. It teaches participants to carefully examine various situations, identify stakeholders and to think of new and creative alternatives. Participants must schedule, plan, forecast and manage risks. They learn to recognize opportunities and to capitalize on them. The learning environment is practical, experiential and most of all enjoyable.

"Energize Your Team.. "

Participants frequently share with us how the simulations kept them thinking long after the session was over and how they would like to return to pursue different strategies and evaluate their outcomes. Participant learning does not conclude with the conclusion of a session. The learning continues to go on. Armed with new insights and fresh skills, individuals practice what they learn. Our educational experience is designed to go directly to work, to produce results and measurable gains in productivity. Energize your team and improve your organizational performance. Give them a chance to experience our unique learning formulae.

The institute offers many training options for short and long term success.