Project Team Building and Motivation

Projects typically bring together a collection of individuals with different needs, backgrounds and expertise. Building effective teams is one of the most important responsibilities of a project manager. Project team building is an ongoing process that requires an understanding of the project, its interfaces, authority and power structures. The team building process involves a wide array of management and human skills.

This course examines the process of team building, the stages of team development, and the skills required to transform a group of individuals into an integrated and effective work unit. The course discusses the factors that influence team effectiveness and various approaches for increasing team productivity. It explores the driving forces behind high performance teams and the barriers to productivity.

Team building is crucial for consistent project success, it occurs only when the project manger goes beyond the technical skills and develops his/her team building skills.


Course Topics Include:

  • Developing Enthusiasm, Drive & Commitment
  • Ways to Encourage Initiative and Innovation
  • Ways to Overcome Skepticism and Negativity
  • Ways to Develop Trust and Build Confidence
  • What Makes Teams Succeed or Fail?
  • Effective Project Team Communication
  • Attending and Leading Project Team Meetings
  • Developing Project Team Culture and Norms
  • Ways to Create a Positive Team Climate
  • Handling Turnover and Team Membership Changes
  • Encouraging Participation and Ownership
  • Using Persuasion Instead of Criticism
  • Maintaining a Positive Direction for the Team
  • Motivation Theory & Human Needs
  • Harnessing the Power of Listening
  • Team Development Process and Stages
  • Overcoming Team Developmental Obstacles
  • Giving Constructive Feedback and Support
  • Creating Conditions for Intrinsic Motivation
  • Self-Directed and Self-Managed Teams
  • Characteristics of Effective Teams