project management

Principles & Practices

Project Management has become an important aspect of every professional career. While, projects may vary in size and complexity they all share common tools and principles for success. This course provides an overview of the Project Management concept and process. It examines the practical approaches and techniques used by professionals for completing projects on time and within budget. The course is designed to benefit new and experienced project managers, as well as support personnel who work in a project oriented environment.

The course offers participants with an understanding of the importance of project management and its significance to public and private organizations. It discusses the essential technical and human skills involved in planning, organizing, directing and controlling projects. In addition, the course highlights the various challenges met by project managers and how to successfully deal with them.


Course Topics Include:

  • Project Definition: Scope, Objectives & Goals
  • Importance of Project Management
  • Development of the Project Management Concept
  • Need & Usefulness of Project Management
  • Project Life Cycle Stages
  • The Nature & Characteristics of Projects
  • Identifying Project Resources & Stakeholders
  • Developing Project Budget & Tracking Costs
  • Understanding Resource Constraints
  • Roles & Responsibilities of a Project Manager
  • Project Management: Human & Technical Skills
  • Project Team Selection & Development
  • Project Planning, Scheduling & Organization
  • Developing Project Activities & Sequencing of Events
  • Developing a Sample Project Plan
  • Communication and Reporting Requirements
  • Project Evaluation & Control
  • Common Project Management Pitfalls & Challenges
  • Seven Essentials for Project Success
  • Project Management Software applications