project planning

Organization, Scheduling & Control

Planning and organizing are two of the most critical elements for project success. Project planning is much more than simply following well-established procedures. Proper planning determines the direction, goals, scope, quality and ultimately the outcomes for any given project. This course examines the project planning process with a special emphasis on scheduling. It discusses the key elements involved in the project planning, the various approaches used for determining project goals and objectives . It discusses the various levels of planning involved in projects and how project plans should be developed.

The course reviews examples and cases demonstrating how proper project planning reduces the impact of changes, increases productivity and allows project managers to bring projects in within budget and on time. It demonstrates how proper planning allows a project manger to organize, lead, control and direct a project.


Course Topics Include:

  • Critical Elements in the Project Planning Process
  • Criteria for Establishing an Effective Project Scope
  • Identifying Project Activities & Milestones
  • Setting Project Priorities
  • Integrating Project Team & Planning Process
  • Project Resource Identification & Allocation
  • Developing Project Budgets and Tracking Costs
  • PERT & CPM Scheduling Concepts & Process
  • Determining Relationships Between Project Activities
  • Logic & Sequencing of Project Activities
  • Developing Project Network Plans/PERT
  • Common Pitfalls to avoid in CPM Scheduling
  • Using GANTT & Bar Charts
  • Developing the Critical Path for a Project
  • Dealing with Delays & the Unexpected
  • Project Risks & the Scheduling Process
  • Managing Project Float and Non-critical Activities
  • Monitoring and Updating Project Schedules
  • Managing Project Delays and Their Impacts
  • Developing Project Contingency Plans
  • Evaluating & Tracking Project Progress