Successful organizations understand that knowledgeable and motivated employees make a big difference in achieving strategic goals. Well trained and productive employees can be the competitive edge needed to produce better results, achieve quality, lower cost, and deliver outstanding customer service.

Improved skills can help promote better bottom line performance, adaptability, quality, service and safety. To achieve these objectives, employees need to do things differently. Team members and leaders need to communicate more effectively with each other, leaders must encourage more involvement, tap into creativity, overcome resistance to change, and renew team spirit. These tasks are often difficult for those that lack the knowledge and skill to accomplish them.

Our skill development courses are designed to provide employees, supervisors, managers and executives with an opportunity to improve their critical human and interaction skills. Each of the following courses provide an educational opportunity to gain a practical and working knowledge of the relevant concepts and theories, to learn about the latest research and study findings, to practice new techniques that enhance personal skills and performance.



Team Building I, II, III & IV Team Development
Productive Team Work Continuous Process Improvement
Strategic Thinking Program Measurement & Evaluation
Effective Communication I & II Understanding Personality Traits
Powerful Presentation Skills Managing & Resolving Conflicts
Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Recruiting & Interviewing
Negotiation Skills & Strategies I, II & III Performance Evaluations
Effective Leadership Developing Ethical Standards
Developing Emergency Plans Principles of Management
Functional Flow Analysis Organizational Development
Time Management Successful Meeting Management
Managing Diversity Career Counseling


Principles of Accounting Financial Accounting & Reporting
Managerial Accounting Cost Accounting
Business Legal Environment Bookkeeping Methods and Practices
Information Management Systems Introduction to Financial Markets
Legal Business Environment Principles of Macro Economics
Principles of Micro Economics CPA Review & Exam Prep
Money & Banking Financial Investing


Basic Algebra Linear Algebra: Linear equations, Vectors & Matrices
Analytic Geometry Intermediate Algebra
Calculus Applications I, II & III Probability & Statistics: Data Analysis
Probability & Statistics: Data Analysis Scientific Calculus: Functions, limits, continuity & differentiation
Boolean Algebra Differential Equations