High Impact Leadership for Technology Managers

This program is designed to address the needs and challenges of managers in technology focused organizations. The program builds on the experience and skills of managers in the field. In today’s complex technological world its extremely important for technology focused organizations to operate efficiently and skillfully meet objectives. Resources must be effectively allocated, budgets must be adroitly managed and schedules must be meticulously followed and completed on target. Effective managers can no longer be just task masters; they must be leaders who are keenly aware of their organization, their team goals and industry dynamics.

The program curriculum blends solid academic concepts with practical and useful applications in the technology sector. The instructional staff includes both distinguished academic faculty, and a cadre of professional practitioners who will share pragmatic expertise and valuable insights with participants.

Program participants will develop:

  • A broad understanding of the dynamics of technology organizations and the special requirements of a technology team environment.

  • A keen awareness of the importance of organizational strategy and the relationship of strategy to organizational goals and objectives.

  • Self understanding of strengths and personal development goals, and how these dimensions provide a productive framework for their leadership.
Day One
Dynamics of Strategic Thinking and Action Planning In Technology Focused Organizations
Day Two
Leveraging Customer Relationships
Day Three
Teamwork in a Technology Environment
Day Four
Negotiation , Motivation & Conflict Management
Day Five
Effective Leadership in a Technology Environment